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What is the goal of the Direct Dating Summit?

The purpose of this summit is to dispel the vast majority of dating information that is considered “normal” in today’s society. Not only is much of this information virtually useless, often it’s counter productive. Men seem to be under the impression that they have to buy women’s affections with gifts, flowers, and expensive dinners. Men believe they have to be “nice guys” in order “get lucky.” Men are expected to believe they just have to “be themselves” and wait around – that they’ll meet someone one day.

Even much of the information in the seduction community is unhelpful. Many so-called dating “gurus” encourage men to use canned lines, tricks and gimmicks to meet and attract women. What separates the speakers at this conference is that they all believe in the power of honesty and straightforwardness in their approach to dating.

• You don’t have to pretend to not want to sleep with a woman, in order to befriend them to get into their pants later
• You don’t have to spend large amounts of money on women
• You don’t have to lie, manipulate, or sugar coat the truth to get women
 You CAN be yourself to have success with women… But not the self you’ve been convinced you need to be. You can be the man that expresses himself and his desires openly and honestly. You can be up front and meet the woman (or women) of your dreams – with much less effort than you thought possible! The Direct Dating Summit hoped to bring this message to the UK, and now – the rest of the world! If you are one of the thousands of men who would like to become more honest and upfront with women … this event is an absolute must!


The Direct Dating Academy is now available for enrolment!

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The first ever Direct Dating Summit was created whilst Sasha Daygame lived in the heart of the United Kingdom in November 2010. It has since been described as "The greatest dating event of all time" by many speakers, and attendees.

2011 – 2013

The next step forward was to bring the Direct Dating Summit to the USA, Australia and mainland Europe. Las Vegas, Melbourne, Berlin and New York all hosted sold out Direct Dating events for men to learn the truth about dating.


The Direct Dating Summit is now available on DVD, as a downloadable package, and another live event will be announced later in the year for those daring enough to come and join us live!

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