October 23 2011

Nice Guys Finish First?!

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An open letter to any man who wants to kick mediocrity in the balls once and for all…

“World Famous Dating Coach
Swears Under Oath That
These Seduction Strategies
Are Not Illegal!”

The skeptics said these “7 Unbreakable Rules Of Street Seduction” were immoral… manipulative… and downright illegal… until their own real-world results PROVED how…

Following These 7 Rules Caused Them To Have More Sex & Adventure In The Next 12 Months Than They’d Had In The Previous 12 Years!

Here’s what only a few of them said after attending the Direct Dating Summit:

THIS YEAR IN BERLIN, April 27th and 28th:
Follow These 7 Rules And Never, EVER Worry About Your Sex Life Again… Or I’ll Give You €497 Out Of My Own Pocket!


  • Reclaim your raw masculine power and dominance
  • DESTROY social inhibitions and UNCHAIN yourself from social humiliation and limiting beliefs of the past… so you can go out and be veritable human magnet of sexual attraction!
  • Learn how to really stop beating around the bush with “indirect” bullshit that will HURT more than help you (the reasons why will be covered in depth this year at DDS Berlin ) – The Rules of Street Seduction are fast & simple… and get rapid results!
  • Make your buddies look at you in shock & awe – jealous and amazed at the sexual attention you are getting from women…
  • Most of all: Live an amazingly FUN life you can be proud of – it is all so LEGIT you can tell your mother all about it and have her applaud at seeing the new, unapologetic, honest you!

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Now… About That One Time I Bought A Car For A Stripper…

Hi, Sasha here. Let me tell you a quick story.

You probably don’t know this about me: Some time ago, before I discovered my “rules” of direct dating… I was literally in a constant dread that I would never get a girlfriend.

I laid awake at night, agonizing over the thought that I would be alone for the rest of my life…

I didn’t have my “rules” back then. In fact, I didn’t have anything. I was a master in the art of being a clueless chump.

One day, walking to the subway, I noticed this stunning girl.

But unlike all the other hot girls I had seen that day… this girl stopped… and just looked me right in the eye… and smiled.

She was begging for me to go up and just say hello.

What Did I Do?

I made a weird grimace, panicked and walked away… and out of her life forever.

Even though it all lasted for only a few seconds, I was humiliated. I beat myself up for weeks after that. Ugh. If only hadn’t been such a wuss.

A few months later, I met a girl at the gym. She seemed to at least “kinda-sorta” like me. But… that was enough to get my juices flowing! (Like maybe SHE could become my girlfriend!)

I was determined not to screw this up like I had so many times before.

As we got to talking… I also found out that…

She Was A Stripper!

I was sold. (heh.) In fact, I eventually convinced myself that she was “The One.”

I didn’t know a lot about women, but I knew this: Women like gifts, right?


And so… I literally drained my entire bank account – around $39,000.00 – and…

I bought her a brand new car!

At the time, I thought it was a foolproof way to win her love… So I was literally astonished when I realized that she didn’t want me as a sexual partner. And that moment when she finally rejected me…

It Felt Like Getting Punched In The Gut By A Heavyweight Boxing Champ

I was soul-crushed. Psychologically destroyed. Not only did I not have any money left, it seemed I had lost my sanity as well.

I was now certain that I would never find any woman who would want to have a romantic relationship with me. I thought I would be a loser for life.

I was 17 or maybe 18 when I met Mystery (from the NY Times #1 bestseller “The Game”)… most people don’t know that I was his first “wingman.”

When I met him, he seemed obsessed with talking to girls. It was almost freaky. Even though I don’t agree with his methods today… he was responsible for the biggest revelation of my love life to date:

You CAN Just Talk To Girls!

It seems obvious now, but it had never occurred to me that you could actually just walk up and talk to a woman. Take the matter into your own hands. My previous strategy had been to rely on fate, hope and random flukes.

And yet, I didn’t have success for years and years. Me and “Mystery” drifted apart, and I forgot all about him until around 2006, when I heard about “The Game.” It was weird reading a book where you knew one of the main characters.

Once again, I decided to try my luck using his methods. After several months of canned routines and hundreds, maybe thousands of approaches, I thought I was getting pretty good.

Truthfully, I was just really good at talking to women for maybe 30 minutes… all friendly-like… and then going home alone.

I never knew how to get girls to actually think of me sexually.

It was SO frustrating. Here I was, reading all these success stories from other people on “PUA” forums… and frankly, I was jealous. I had known about this stuff longer than almost anyone alive and…

almost a decade later, I still wasn’t even close to getting real results with women.

Nothing was happening for me. Until… one day in 2008, when I accidentally discovered the sheer power of just being direct with women. (“Hi. You’re sexy. What’s your name?”)

Nothing like the canned routines I had used before.

I Was FLOORED By The Results I Got Almost Overnight

After being miserable with girls for my entire life… including almost a decade of knowing about all the “game” stuff… as soon as I started being direct, my success with women literally skyrocketed!

Compared to the meager results I had previously gotten, now girls were practically falling in my lap, begging to hook up with me.

They said that they had never met a man like me before…

Imagine My Shock The First Time A Woman Told Me That!

Look: If you ever wondered if YOU could be the type of man who attracts the sexiest women on the planet… almost as easily as breathing… then what I am about to tell you may the most exciting message you have ever heard.

Here is why:

That year I discovered the art of being direct & up-front with women: A weird, counter-intuitive secret that permanently changed my life… and…

I Have Been Having Almost Non-Stop Sex With Some Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World Ever Since!

And, over the past several years, I have been carefully refining my strategies to be so simple… so practical… and so devastatingly effective they can turn almost any man into a fine-tuned magnetic POWERHOUSE of sexual attraction!

I know that sounds hard to believe, but you can ask any of my hundreds of students and they will tell you the same thing. In fact, here’s what just a few (out of hundreds) of them have said after training with me:

“Literally I’ve had double the amount of girls and quadruple the amount of sex in the last 5/6 weeks then I’ve had 7 years previous to Sasha”
– John M.

“I approached a chick not even a week later and told her as a joke ‘friday night 9 pm your place’, she laughed like crazy and then went ‘why wait until then?’ and I ended up sleeping with her that night!”
– Johan

“After 3 straight Valentines Days by myself, I now have the option of 3 dates for this year Valentines Day.”
– Danny S.

Are these men any different from you? NO! They represent men from all walks of life…

  • Young men in their 20s who want more adventure
  • Real-life 40-year old virgins
  • More experienced men who want to date hotter women & have more exciting sexual lifestyles
  • Men who are looking for a “perfect match” to enter into a long-term committed relationship with
  • Middle-aged, recently divorced men who want to start meeting new women
  • …and almost anyone else you could think of!

And… at the end of April this year, I am not only spilling all my secrets over the course of two days… I am also getting all the savviest & deadliest ladies’ men ALIVE to share their hard-earned insights after having slept with literally thousands of women…

Enter the Direct Dating Summit Berlin:

“Hot New Seminar (Right Among Some Of Europe’s Hottest & Most Sex-Starved Women!) Reveals The Most Cutting-Edge Dating Strategies That Work In 2013!”

Here’s what you will discover at this one-of-a-kind, life-transforming event:

Sasha Daygame

Yep, that’s me. In the past year, I have been on some insane adventures all over the world, met thousands and thousands of women, and kicked all kinds of butt. And I learned a lot.

I am now passing my new-found, tested and proven, learned-by-experience insight and knowledge on to you… This time in Berlin:

  • The 7 Unbreakable Rules Of Street Seduction (there are a LOT of things you can consider when you talk to a woman… too much sometimes… but if you stick to these 7 rules, you will guarantee that you have done everything to maximize your chances of success)
  • Why Michael Jackson dance moves will murder your chances of getting laid (Sounds weird, I know – but the truth is, almost every guy I have coached does this when he first starts approaching women…)
  • How the “Always run” principle may change the way you talk to women forever (this weird rule always leaves students surprised and amused – but it is critically important and demonstrates a raw, masculine dominance to women)
  • Why being rejected by women is a good thing
  • You have been lied to: What society taught you about what it meant to be a man is a Big Fat Lie – I will show you how to re-align yourself with your true masculine power
  • Everyday Ladykiller: How to take what you know about unapologetic, no-BS dating & seduction and integrate it into your day-to-day lifestyle…
  • How to make your normal life 10X more FUN almost overnight!
  • The real secrets of natural, radiating charisma that pull people toward you like fat kids to chocolate cake
  • How to DE-PROGRAM all the bullshit that is holding you back from ridiculous success with women
  • Never before in-field footage, broken down step by step

Alan Roger Currie

Are you really DIRECT with women? The author of Mode One, and a true pioneer of “direct dating,” reveals the real low-down on what it truly means to be unapologetically direct with women and in life…

  • The FOUR types of women you will ever approach (and… which of them you need to stay away from like a jumpy brain surgeon with a cocaine problem…)
  • Two of these types of women will waste your time more than they will do anything else… Here’s a little-known secret: “indirect” approaches will FAIL to expose them… and they WILL waste your time… and you will NOT get laid (this is why it is so important to get ultra-clear on what it means to be direct…)
  • How to seduce women into casual sex… and the NUMBER ONE “Hidden Killer” that murders your chances of ever getting women into bed
  • How to verbally seduce women (if you ever wanted to make a woman come over the phone… you cannot miss this!)
  • How to quickly spot the subtle body language signs women give off that tell you whether they are interested or not
  • If you are a “nice guy” … women LOVE you as a platonic friend, but not as their sex partner. Alan will show you why… and what you can do about it right away

James Marshall

The World’s Best Natural – James Marshall of The Natural Lifestyles will be rocking DDS Berlin.

  • Direct For Life: what does “direct” mean to you? An opening line… or a way of life?
  • Here’s a secret: There is a reason why simple “direct openers” work so well with women … they are based on the larger principles of a direct mindset. James will unlock the raw power of “direct game” for your entire life…
  • Why CONFLICT is a healthy & powerful tool that make your relationships better (and how to fully embrace it when other men will run away from it like scared rabbits)
  • How to create respect with other people
  • How to be clear, honest & powerful with women… how to “get her at hello” and carry that impact through to relationships and way beyond…


  • In the first few seconds after approaching a woman, she will place you in one of three categories:
    1. This is a guy I would have sex with right now!” …
    2. This seems like an interesting guy I might consider making my boyfriend.”
    3. You are lame, please go away.”

    Which category do you want to be in?? – If you said “category 2” then I will show you the exact steps you need to take

  • How to gain unstoppable masculine dominance over women
  • Why being direct is the natural way to interact with women… and therefore, if done right, shockingly more powerful if you want results fast
  • A large percentage of girls already want you to approach them… and you can tell THESE girls apart by one very specific thing they do. Here’s how to spot them so you don’t waste your time with girls who wouldn’t go home with you anyway.
  • Exactly how to touch girls to get them to think you are uncontrollably sexy… and get them SO horny they feel like they MUST come home with you… now!

Steve Pavlina

You know how you’re “supposed” to not care what others think? Easier said than done right? Steve Pavlina – world famous thought leader & wildly popular blogger and speaker on personal development – will reveal the real secret to actually stop caring about what others think… Plus:

  • How to create & evolve your own personal style of direct game
  • How to understand what you really want
  • How to smoothly let others know what you want & find the exact right women who match your personality
  • How to be in 100% alignment with your self-image (pro tip: when girls think you are creepy, it is because of a LACK of congruence rather than anything you did…)

Johnny Soporno

When it comes to the “inner game” of sexual abundance, no one in the world is sharper than Johnny Soporno. Listening to him for an hour will revolutionize the very way you think about your sex life.

  • How to break free from the “monogamy” paradigm of relationships… and live free of all constraints! With no lies, no dishonesty or manipulation. Girls love it when you do this.
  • How to setup open relationships with girls who would “never do that”
  • How to successfully date multiple women at a time… stress free
  • Jealousy is one of those seemingly innocent, but devastating factors that will completely destroy all of your relationships – but it is much harder to let go of than you think. Johnny will show you his simple process for completely letting go of jealousy and live a much less hassle free sexual life…

Who Should Attend This Seat-Limited, World-Class Event?

  • Are you a man who would like to meet & date more hot womenmore frequently… and have ten times more fun while doing it?
  • Have you recently ended a long term relationship or marriage… and you want to learn the fastest possible way to successfully get back in the dating game?
  • Do you want to experience new relationship paradigms you never knew how to pull off… like ethical ways to date multiple women… have several girlfriends… and have them all know about each other?
  • Are you a young man who would like to have more adventure and wild sex experiences?
  • Have you ever been frustrated at your “inner blocks” that are holding you back from truly expressing yourself and your personality? (like… if you ever talked to a girl… and just “ran out of things to say” and it got awkward?)
  • Do you want to find a “perfect match” partner to date long term… or even marry some day?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you absolutely need to be at the Direct Dating Summit in Berlin

In fact, this is so critical to your future dating life… your relationships… and your happiness… that you should beg, borrow and steal and do whatever it takes to get your ass to Berlin on April 27th and 28th.

And, if you’re already located anywhere in Germany… you should consider yourself blessed!

I’m not kidding. You are going to learn the most hard-core secrets from some of the most sexually experienced men on the planet… I would estimate that the speaker lineup at the Direct Dating Summit probably all get laid more than 80% of the pick-up goo-roo community combined! No joke…

They aren’t marketers pretending to be good with women, like so many of the goo-roos you see on the internet… They are ladies’ men first and foremost, and they have seen – and done – things with women that would leave most “PUA” goo-roos quivering in their boots.

It is a RARE occurrence that you find men of this caliber… all in a room together…

All Revealing Their Best Secrets!

In fact, the Direct Dating Summit is just about the ONLY place where this happens. Sometimes there are big seminars where people put a bunch of goo-roos on stage together… but usually they are only sales fests in disguise. If you have ever been to one of them, you know this.

Now, once it’s all over, and you walk out of that room on April 28th, you will feel the radiating energy begging to be unleashed inside you – real insight and knowledge is power… and as you spend two days with all of us in a seminar room, we will not only cram your brain full of the most powerful “ladykiller” secrets ever known to man… but we will re-awaken your own masculine dominance and put you back in control of your life.

You will be ready and eager to Bull-Charge your life! So as you go out that evening (perhaps with the friends you made in the seminar room) I can practically guarantee you will have more magnetic power over women than you have ever had before.

Then, we leave this power in your hands. What happens when you extend your new knowledge and abilities another week into the future?

Your momentum will have built up, day by day, and when you look in the mirror only days later, you will see a completely new man. That real, authentic, overwhelmingly masculine you that has been hidden inside you your whole life.

What about a month or a year later?

Einstein said that compound interest is the eight wonder of the world. Some have even said it’s the most powerful force in the universe.

The secret to all this stuff is that “compound interest” applies equally to your skill in expressing yourself!

When you take what you learn at the Direct Dating Summit in Berlin… and consistently implement it for months… years… or the rest of your life – then your results with women, with other people, and in all areas of your life… will compound and multiply so many times (and so FAST) it will make your head spin just thinking about it!

That’s why I’m offering an amazing guarantee that makes coming to the Direct Dating Summit in Berlin virtually risk free.

So Here’s The Deal:

  1. Buy your ticket and attend the Direct Dating Summit Berlin on April 27th and 28th – and get real insight & a constant stream of elite insider knowledge from our amazing speakers… hang out with some of the most bad ass people alive… and meet the fun, sex-starved women of Berlin!
  2. Follow our instructions… and APPLY what you learn in your own life…
  3. … and IF within 90 days of leaving the room you are not shocked and delighted at the amazing results you have had in your life from what you learned at DDS Berlin…
  4. … then I will personally give you DOUBLE your money back!. Why would I do such a crazy thing? Because I am confident that it won’t even occur to you to get a refund once you experience the life-changing results you get from what you learned at DDS Berlin!

Note: you will not be able to get any money back if you don’t try these methods for at least 90 days… You can’t expect to come and learn all this information… that we have learned through personal trial and error, sweat and blood… and then decide NOT do anything with it… and then get your money back – puh-lease brudda! No freebie-seeking tire kickers on Planet Sasha. If this is what you want to do, please DO NOT sign up and let us give your spot to someone who actually wants an amazing lifestyle.

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Once you have gone through the order process, you will receive further instructions and details about the event via email.

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– R.

It is one thing to learn from us on the stage. It’s an amazing experience to attend the DDS. But if you want that personalized, fine-tuned, ultra-effective coaching experience that is tailored for you personally… well – the bootcamp is the only way to do that.

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Well, that’s it. And, right now, you are standing at a crossroads. You have two choices…

  1. You can IGNORE everything you have just read… try to convince yourself that you are perfectly happy with your dating life… your sexual life… and your own ability to express yourself and your personality with other people… Ignore it all! … and go on about your life. In 90 days from now, you will be living exactly as you are now. You will wake up the same way, eat the same breakfast, do the same thing, talk to the same people in the same way… And perhaps… you will slap your own forehead, puzzled and frustrated as to why you decided to NOT come to Berlin on that glorious day in April…
  2. You can act right now – lock in the limited discounted ticket price – and once and for all decide to kick mediocrity in the balls… amp up your lifestyle to new heights. Live the sexual lifestyle you have dreamed of, but never knew how to make real. Whatever you want in your life, romantically, sexually, even spiritually – me or one of my speakers will have done it. We can show you… and we will at the DDS Berlin event. Be there – there is virtually no risk on your part as you are protected by our 90 day (PLUS €40) money-back guarantee.

Just select the option you want and book your ticket today.

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Okay. I will see you in Berlin!


– Sasha Daygame

P.S. I have told you who should attend this event… but you may be wondering who this is NOT for. Good question, and here is the answer. If you are any of the below people, don’t come to Berlin.

  1. Anyone who would prefer to sit at home, locked in their cave rather than meet hot women. Look, as amazing as all of this material is… it will NOT work if you don’t go out and use it! No strategies in the world will ever work if you do not take action. I guess you are welcome to come, but you may as well save your money and stay at home and watch porn or something.
  2. Anyone who is afraid of… or unwilling to learn how to express their true personality and be honest. Legions of wanna-be “pick-up artists” try whole bunches of routines, canned material, etc. If this is what you want, stay the hell out of my seminar room. We will show you how to express your own personality so women will be attracted to YOU just for you… not because you had impressive lines, or whatever. (Also, my way works much better. That’s just fact.) (The reason I mention this is because it can be a little scary to try this stuff out for the first time… and some people prefer to hide behind masks of canned material rather than man up, grow some balls, and express themselves…)
  3. Anyone who is unwilling to invest in their own life-education. We aren’t just going to tell you to be more direct with women. That’s a given. This is about fundamental strategies for life – not just how to get women in bed. Some people just want free information. They’re unwilling to invest to improve their own life. (I recently heard the story of a millionaire who had a short meeting with Donald Trump. The first thing Trump asked him was “Which three books are you reading right now?” – the point is: every successful person in any field are serious about making the most of their life and are willing to spend money to do so. It is not that you must spend money to get good with women – but if you are unwilling to do so, then that demonstrates a serious flaw in your outlook on life. At least if you want to be successful.) I guess if you are this person, you wouldn’t book your ticket today anyway. But I wanted to mention this, just in case.
  4. Any other flavor of tire-kicker, freebie-seeker, lazy moron, “YouTube hater”, etc. All of you, please stay away. I don’t even want to meet you.

P.P.S. Remember that you can come to our event at virtually no risk. Your life will be permanently transformed once you leave our event, that is a guarantee. Prices go up April 14th.

Right now you are also getting the $199-value recordings from a private talk I did in Amsterdam… absolutely FREE when you register for the DDS Berlin.

… AND you are getting a 20% discount off any of my live bootcamps.


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