Liam McRae

liamThe Natural Lifestyles rapid physical escalation expert, Liam has rocketed to coaching success with his unique methods and unwavering obsession with getting results. He is a world innovator in making an interaction sexual incredibly fast and is a specialist at teaching guys how to install the mindsets and skills that make super fast physical escalation possible. Liam is passionate about his social freedom exercises, helping his clients to break through social fears and limiting beliefs about what is truly possible when you break the social rules. He is a master of multiple relationship paradigms that mean you can ethically have many more than one girlfriend, if you so chose.

When not coaching for TNL, Liam plays death metal guitar in his band, composes musical scores for TV and film. He is also the author of an upcoming breakthrough book “Rapid Escalation”.

He’ll be sharing his fundamental principles for speeding up the sexy times and how to internalize the mindsets needed to pull it off.

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