Johnny Soporno

Founder of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute, Johnny Soporno has dedicated himself to battling cultural misogyny, and rekindling the Sexual Revolution. Through propagating his life-affirming, reality-changing ‘Seductive Reasoning’ Paradigm at no cost to all who would listen, Johnny has unleashed a powerful ‘viral meme’ which is spreading like wildfire!

Hailed as a ‘Relationship Bodhisattva’, Johnny works to help alleviate the needless suffering of the Modern Condition. Having burst into the public eye speaking alongside Steve P. and Zan in the closing-keynote address of the Cliff’s List Convention ’06, Johnny was immediately acclaimed for his avant-garde theories, and has continued to open minds and enhance lives while developing the foundation of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute.

‘Preaching what he practices’, Johnny has developed his ‘Worthy Playboy Lifestyle’ over the last 20 years, working to positively-reframe and course-correct hundreds of lives, and has spent half of 2006 and all of 2007 preparing his life’s work for publication.  Once established in the ‘Seduction Community’ as a Lifestyle Guru, Johnny is now making himself available to Mentor and coach potential “worthy players and playettes” alike, to help them conquer the most challenging Game of all – The Game of Life…