Sasha Daygame

Sasha Daygame was introduced to the “self help” field by none other than Mystery, in the late 1990’s. Although exposed to the theories of social dynamics at a very young age, Sasha focused his time and energy building his skills as a stand up comedian for the next decade. Around 2006, after reading “The game”, he decided to finally take his dating skills into his own hands got heavily into self improvement, and seduction. Sasha spent thousands of hours chatting up beautiful women in the UK, Europe and overseas. Eventually he developed his own unique system – a method which has been described as “insane fun” and revolves around completely eradicating pre-conceived social fears first, and then meeting beautiful girls soon after!

Sasha discovered the direct mindset in 2009 and his results improved dramatically – and he has been singing the praises of the direct mindset ever since! Sasha is renowned for getting amazing results for his students, and regularly trains clients who travel from around the globe to attend his courses. Much of Sasha’s teaching revolves honesty and authenticity. In 2010, Sasha put together the world’s first “Direct Dating Summit” bringing together the world’s best Direct Dating coaches. This was hailed by attendees as a “Completely life changing event.” Alan Roger Currie claimed is was “the best event I’ve ever seen in my life” (Direct quote.) Sasha is one of the top dating coaches in the world, and has a cult following in the European seduction community.

Sasha has just embarked on a year long global trek to spread his teachings across the world…. Who knows where the next Direct Dating Summit will be?

You can learn more about Sasha on www.sashapua.com

James Marshall

James Marshall
Recently voted the world’s best Natural at the global PUA Summit, James Marshall is a unique innovator in the field of Natural seduction and lifestyle design. Since founding The Natural Lifestyles in 2007, James has coached thousands of men world wide, spoken at all the major industry summits and created the most intense long term coaching systems available. These include the infamous 10 day traveling bootcamp; The Euro Tour and the 12 week Masterclass.

He specializes in holistic coaching that looks at all elements that make a man naturally attractive to women. No lines, no tricks, just pure direct sexual intent, flexible conversational principles, inner game mastery, style, body language and much more. He is described as a low energy, high intensity seducer and is particularly gifted in teaching more mellow, gimmick free seduction that works particularly well for more introverted men, allowing them to maintain their true personality while adapting the Natural game principles to suit their temperament.

He’ll be presenting at the DDS on his powerful methods of creating huge amounts of sexual tension with minimal effort to flip the power dynamics and make women work for your attention. He’ll also reveal his blueprint for Lifestyle Design that allows you to live like a rock star without the price tag or need to join an electro band
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Alan Roger Currie

Since publishing his bestselling book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, in March 2006, Alan Roger Currie has become one of the most highly sought after dating advisors and interpersonal communication consultants in the world…

Currie’s philosophies and principles have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Essence magazine and Black Enterprise. Currie has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows and local, regional, and national television talk shows in the USA. Currie is also the host of the popular talk radio podcast show, Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie as well as a regular relationship columnist for the Examiner.com and a contributing dating coach to BlackPeopleMeet.com andYourTango.com/ProConnect.

Currie’s Mode One teachings have helped thousands of men of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds all across the world get in the habit of expressing their romantic and/or sexual desires with women in a manner that is more highly self-assured, upfront and straightforwardly honest.

Johnny Soporno

Founder of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute, Johnny Soporno has dedicated himself to battling cultural misogyny, and rekindling the Sexual Revolution. Through propagating his life-affirming, reality-changing ‘Seductive Reasoning’ Paradigm at no cost to all who would listen, Johnny has unleashed a powerful ‘viral meme’ which is spreading like wildfire!

Hailed as a ‘Relationship Bodhisattva’, Johnny works to help alleviate the needless suffering of the Modern Condition. Having burst into the public eye speaking alongside Steve P. and Zan in the closing-keynote address of the Cliff’s List Convention ’06, Johnny was immediately acclaimed for his avant-garde theories, and has continued to open minds and enhance lives while developing the foundation of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute.

‘Preaching what he practices’, Johnny has developed his ‘Worthy Playboy Lifestyle’ over the last 20 years, working to positively-reframe and course-correct hundreds of lives, and has spent half of 2006 and all of 2007 preparing his life’s work for publication. Once established in the ‘Seduction Community’ as a Lifestyle Guru, Johnny is now making himself available to Mentor and coach potential “worthy players and playettes” alike, to help them conquer the most challenging Game of all – The Game of Life…


Considered by many to be the best direct pickup artist on the planet, Badboy was one of the first people ever to teach live training programs (bootcamps) to students. Since he first entered the pickup community, Badboy and his company, Badboy Lifestyle, have taught literally thousands of men how to confidently approach, talk to, and seduce women without the need for bullshit.

Badboy is known for his ability to transform even the most novice students into direct game masters in an incredibly short period of time. By breaking down negative beliefs implanted by society and replacing them with more powerful, useful beliefs, students quickly discover their inner seducer. From there… you can imagine the rest. We are very excited to have Badboy joining us at the Direct Dating Summit!

Bravo PUA

Bravo PUABravo has been teaching for over ten years.

His specialties were Firearms, Edged Weapon, and Close Quarter Combat and instructed elite military and law enforcement personal.

“With tactical training I taught concepts that hopefully someone would never have to use.

With the Social Arts the skills I teach help people positively change their life from that moment on and they use every day!”

Bravo has recently put his energies into unlocking the power of online dating and has had some phenomenal results.

Bravo will be sharing his online dating strategies at the Direct Dating Summit.


Manwhore has been a prominent character in the seduction community for years, and is infamous for his crazy, wild seduction reports. He is a master of physical escalation and has taught hundreds of students all across the U.S.A.

James Social Coach

James was a virgin at 27, and by 31 he’d managed sex just once in his lifetime. He truly understands the pain of so many clients struggling with women.

Since then he’s shared a bed with beautiful, intelligent young women from over 30 different countries. He’s been in relationships with professional models, a beauty pageant winner, a surgeon and even a girl with an IQ of 155. And James doesn’t just get threesomes, he has taken holidays with 2 bi girls at once. All this and he’s still good friends with so many of his most cherished exes.

But what’s really great is that James has taught his students how to get threesomes and date models.

A self-described travel addict, James spent six years of his life as a full-time traveler (visiting 100+ countries). Often traveling alone, James was constantly arriving in new countries–where he didn’t know a soul– which forced him to face his shyness and social anxieties. The result? James honed the skills necessary to quickly meet and connect with new people wherever he went.

Before his travels, James was a successful Financial Adviser. He developed skills in reading body language, public speaking, effective listening and closing a sale. He learnt to read people and understand what they want. All these skills became invaluable when it came to improving his ability to seduce women.

It’s an understatement to say that James has learnt many amazing life lessons. From months in Buddhist and Hindu meditation ashrams in India, to time spent in both Meisner and improv acting schools in New York—James has experienced it all. Needless to say, these diverse experiences have enormously influenced his teachings.

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Gareth Jones

Gareth JonesHaving taught in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and all over the United States, Gareth has been teaching for more than two years.

Referred to by several students as “One of the best decisions of my life”, Gareth’s coaching polishes your game and brings your skills to a James Bond level of suave.

Regarded by many as the world’s leading text-game expert – Gareth will be doing a special speech on “Direct Text Game” at the event.

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Marcus is the leading expert in developing your charisma. He will show you how to be the life and soul of the party, create magnetic connections with the people you meet and master your conversation skills. His coaching has been in demand across the globe and he has not just worked with almost every major company in the dating industry; but taught many of their trainers. At the Summit, his charisma coaching will show you how to eradicate shyness, blitz social fear, connect to your inner core, and communicate your way to success.

You can learn more about Marcus at yourcharismacoach. com

Liam McRae

liamThe Natural Lifestyles rapid physical escalation expert, Liam has rocketed to coaching success with his unique methods and unwavering obsession with getting results. He is a world innovator in making an interaction sexual incredibly fast and is a specialist at teaching guys how to install the mindsets and skills that make super fast physical escalation possible. Liam is passionate about his social freedom exercises, helping his clients to break through social fears and limiting beliefs about what is truly possible when you break the social rules. He is a master of multiple relationship paradigms that mean you can ethically have many more than one girlfriend, if you so chose.

When not coaching for TNL, Liam plays death metal guitar in his band, composes musical scores for TV and film. He is also the author of an upcoming breakthrough book “Rapid Escalation”.

He’ll be sharing his fundamental principles for speeding up the sexy times and how to internalize the mindsets needed to pull it off.

More info and boner popping sex stories at:

Shae Matthews

shaeShae has been actively involved in self development and the seduction scene for over a decade and is well versed in a wide and varied array of personal empowerment techniques including; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Hypnosis, Energetic re-patterning, Eastern health therapies, meditation and esoteric studies to name a few. Shae will be talking about how to get your inner game sorted and take your direct dating skills to the next level.

At the DDS he’ll be showing you how to:

• Understand the psychology of giving yourself permission to go for what you want and put yourself out there as an empowered sexual guy.

• Effectively clear internal blockages and unproductive belief patterns and replace them with effective mindsets.

• Develop skills to live with true confidence, inner empowerment and rock solid positive beliefs.

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