September 09 2015

Sasha’s Direct Dating Academy Officially Launches

The Direct Dating Academy

The Complete ‘Seduction School’ for Men

The Direct Dating Academy has launched, combining 5 years of Direct Dating Summit footage, together with weekly homework, monthly live webinars with Q&A, and a private members discussion forum, all for just $67 per month.

Instead of producing overwhelm with way too much content, the Direct Dating Academy gives you just 1 seminar every week with specifically tailored homework missions, so that you take in just enough new material, and then go implement it right away in the real world, leading to much faster transformations.

If you hit a roadblock, you have a support group of hundreds of other students, as well as the entire Sasha Daygame coaching team, all inside the private members area, so you can get instant feedback on what you’re doing and get to the next level.

And if that’s not enough, you can also ask your questions during the live Q&A portion of every month’s webinar, which features Sasha and a guest Direct Dating Academy speaker, such as James Marshall, Alan Roger Currie, Johnny Soporno, Bravo, Liam McRae, Manwhore, Gareth Jones and more!

The programme costs just $67 per month, and contains over 12 months’ worth of content, during which time you also get access to special bonuses for every month you continue with the programme, including Sasha’s Stuttgart Talk, the Unbreakable Rules Package, and even complimentary tickets to the next Direct Dating Summit live event!

Discover more about the Academy and how to join via this link


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    6 months ago

    My prelobm was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

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      6 months ago

      I much prefer inioamrtfve articles like this to that high brow literature.

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        4 months ago

        Learning a ton from these neat areilcts.

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