DDS London

Original DDS The original Direct Dating Summit from London November 2010 is available digitally!

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For the very first time the world’s TOP dating gurus gathered in London and spent TWO full days detailing the steps to dating new women regularly, and attracting women whenever and wherever you want.

Speakers include:

  • Alan Roger Currie, Bestselling Author of Mode One: Let The Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking
  • Sasha Daygame, Professional Comedian & Global Dating Coach
  • Bad Boy, World Renowned Pickup Artist + Expert of Nightclub Sex
  • + More

This was the revolutionary weekend that started it all. And is available with INSTANT ACCESS today. Simply click here now.

DDS Berlin Online

In 2014 the Direct Dating Summit Berlin was released as an online exclusive, to learn the 5 lies surrounding your sex life click below

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This event features the world’s premiere dating coaches who were all specifically flewn in to Germany to speak and give their presentations.

  • Alan Roger Currie: Getting girls WET from the words that you say
  • Sasha Daygame: Break FREE from social pressure and DESTROY your fear forever
  • Bad Boy: Find the girls ready for sex and exactly what to do PHYSICALLY
  • James Marshall: What Women TRULY Want and how to give it to them
  • Steve Pavlina: Why some succeed and how to make sure you’re one of them
  • Johnny Soporno: How to become IRRESISTIBLE and of course, bedding multiple women!