The Direct Dating Summit comes to Berlin, Germany

April 27th & 28th 2013

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Sasha Daygame

Yep, that’s me. In the past year, I have been on some insane adventures all over the world, met thousands and thousands of women, and kicked all kinds of butt. And I learned a lot.

I am now passing my new-found, tested and proven, learned-by-experience insight and knowledge on to you… This time in Berlin:

  • The 7 Unbreakable Rules Of Street Seduction (there are a LOT of things you can consider when you talk to a woman… too much sometimes… but if you stick to these 7 rules, you will guarantee that you have done everything to maximize your chances of success)
  • Why Michael Jackson dance moves will murder your chances of getting laid (Sounds weird, I know – but the truth is, almost every guy I have coached does this when he first starts approaching women…)
  • How the “Always run” principle may change the way you talk to women forever (this weird rule always leaves students surprised and amused – but it is critically important and demonstrates a raw, masculine dominance to women)
  • Why being rejected by women is a good thing
  • You have been lied to: What society taught you about what it meant to be a man is a Big Fat Lie – I will show you how to re-align yourself with your true masculine power
  • Everyday Ladykiller: How to take what you know about unapologetic, no-BS dating & seduction and integrate it into your day-to-day lifestyle…
  • How to make your normal life 10X more FUN almost overnight!
  • The real secrets of natural, radiating charisma that pull people toward you like fat kids to chocolate cake
  • How to DE-PROGRAM all the bullshit that is holding you back from ridiculous success with women
  • Never before in-field footage, broken down step by step

Alan Roger Currie

Are you really DIRECT with women? The author of Mode One, and a true pioneer of “direct dating,” reveals the real low-down on what it truly means to be unapologetically direct with women and in life…

  • The FOUR types of women you will ever approach (and… which of them you need to stay away from like a jumpy brain surgeon with a cocaine problem…)
  • Two of these types of women will waste your time more than they will do anything else… Here’s a little-known secret: “indirect” approaches will FAIL to expose them… and they WILL waste your time… and you will NOT get laid (this is why it is so important to get ultra-clear on what it means to be direct…)
  • How to seduce women into casual sex… and the NUMBER ONE “Hidden Killer” that murders your chances of ever getting women into bed
  • How to verbally seduce women (if you ever wanted to make a woman come over the phone… you cannot miss this!)
  • How to quickly spot the subtle body language signs women give off that tell you whether they are interested or not
  • If you are a “nice guy” … women LOVE you as a platonic friend, but not as their sex partner. Alan will show you why… and what you can do about it right away

James Marshall

The World’s Best Natural – James Marshall of The Natural Lifestyles will be rocking DDS Berlin.

  • Direct For Life: what does “direct” mean to you? An opening line… or a way of life?
  • Here’s a secret: There is a reason why simple “direct openers” work so well with women … they are based on the larger principles of a direct mindset. James will unlock the raw power of “direct game” for your entire life…
  • Why CONFLICT is a healthy & powerful tool that make your relationships better (and how to fully embrace it when other men will run away from it like scared rabbits)
  • How to create respect with other people
  • How to be clear, honest & powerful with women… how to “get her at hello” and carry that impact through to relationships and way beyond…


  • In the first few seconds after approaching a woman, she will place you in one of three categories:
    1. This is a guy I would have sex with right now!” …
    2. This seems like an interesting guy I might consider making my boyfriend.”
    3. You are lame, please go away.”

    Which category do you want to be in?? – If you said “category 2” then I will show you the exact steps you need to take

  • How to gain unstoppable masculine dominance over women
  • Why being direct is the natural way to interact with women… and therefore, if done right, shockingly more powerful if you want results fast
  • A large percentage of girls already want you to approach them… and you can tell THESE girls apart by one very specific thing they do. Here’s how to spot them so you don’t waste your time with girls who wouldn’t go home with you anyway.
  • Exactly how to touch girls to get them to think you are uncontrollably sexy… and get them SO horny they feel like they MUST come home with you… now!

Steve Pavlina

You know how you’re “supposed” to not care what others think? Easier said than done right? Steve Pavlina – world famous thought leader & wildly popular blogger and speaker on personal development – will reveal the real secret to actually stop caring about what others think… Plus:

  • How to create & evolve your own personal style of direct game
  • How to understand what you really want
  • How to smoothly let others know what you want & find the exact right women who match your personality
  • How to be in 100% alignment with your self-image (pro tip: when girls think you are creepy, it is because of a LACK of congruence rather than anything you did…)

Johnny Soporno

When it comes to the “inner game” of sexual abundance, no one in the world is sharper than Johnny Soporno. Listening to him for an hour will revolutionize the very way you think about your sex life.

  • How to break free from the “monogamy” paradigm of relationships… and live free of all constraints! With no lies, no dishonesty or manipulation. Girls love it when you do this.
  • How to setup open relationships with girls who would “never do that”
  • How to successfully date multiple women at a time… stress free
  • Jealousy is one of those seemingly innocent, but devastating factors that will completely destroy all of your relationships – but it is much harder to let go of than you think. Johnny will show you his simple process for completely letting go of jealousy and live a much less hassle free sexual life…

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