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21st July 2019

From the desk of Sasha Daygame

Hey buddy,

Maybe you're here because you’ve noticed that this dating and relationships thing is way harder than it should be.

Are you constantly wondering...

  • “Why does it never work out?”
  • “Why am I not feeling loved all the time?”
  • “Why is it so hard to just have this part of my life handled?”
  • “Why do I feel I need a partner to be happy?"
  • “Why do I always attract the wrong type of person into my life?”

Do you always feel like it’s a struggle to just achieve harmony in your relationships?

Is there a knowingness inside of you – that this part of your life could be easy if you just had a push in the right direction, or maybe removed some of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from getting that peace you’ve been searching for?

Well if I told you - that you are NOT alone?

...that MOST people struggle in this area?

The reason is: we are given exactly 0% of the REAL information when it comes to having happy and harmonious dating lives.

The “divide and conquer” strategy we’re so used to seeing in the news extends far beyond just geopolitics and scary news stories. It infects our personal relationships too.

The reality is, that we pick up so many damaging beliefs and systems from society, as well as our parental programming, none of us are in a position to really be who we are freely and openly.

We’ve all got layers of conditioning preventing us from being the fulling present, conscious, loving beings that we truly are.

And that’s what this event is about

REMOVING of those layers of crap, as well as bringing in that awareness so we can have better communication, and more genuine love and compassion towards others.

There’s no overnight solution, but we genuinely hope to at least open up the gates and bring in some real consciousness so you can bring that into your relationships and start the process of healing that all of us need to bring that peace and harmony into your lives.

Come Join me at Anarchy in Dating @ Anarchapulco 2017

it’s going to be truly a life changing (and heart opening) event!

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Event Starts In...

Sasha Daygame

Jonny Dupre

Adam Goodson

Avi Esther

+ More Speakers to be Announced Shortly

Information About The Speakers:

Sasha Daygame +

Sasha Daygame

Sasha DaygameSasha Daygame was introduced to the “self help” field by none other than Mystery, in the late 1990’s.  Although exposed to the theories of social dynamics at a very young age, Sasha focused his time and energy building his skills as a stand up comedian for the next decade.  Around 2006, after reading “The game”, he decided to finally take his dating skills into his own hands got heavily into self improvement, and seduction. Sasha spent thousands of hours chatting up beautiful women in the UK, Europe and overseas.  Eventually he developed his own unique system – a method which has been described as “insane fun” and revolves around completely eradicating pre-conceived social fears first, and then meeting beautiful girls soon after!

Sasha discovered the direct mindset in 2009 and his results improved dramatically – and he has been singing the praises of the direct mindset ever since! Sasha is renowned for getting amazing results for his students, and regularly trains clients who travel from around the globe to attend his courses. Much of Sasha’s teaching revolves honesty and authenticity. In 2010, Sasha put together the world’s first “Direct Dating Summit” bringing together the world’s best Direct Dating coaches. This was hailed by attendees as a “Completely life changing event.” Alan Roger Currie claimed is was “the best event I’ve ever seen in my life” (Direct quote.)  Sasha is one of the top dating coaches in the world, and has a cult following in the European seduction community.


Jonny Dupre +

Jonny Dupre


Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Jonny Dupré has a Mission: to provide relief and positive growth from past traumas, unconscious habits, or any behavioral obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness.

Because of his lifelong dedication to his studies of the mind, body, and spirit as well as his humor and no-nonsense street style, Jonny incorporates cutting-edge techniques to integrate healing on every level.

Founder of Process Potential, Jonny Dupré has brought clients from all over the world to successful resolution of self-esteem, anxiety, weight loss, smoking, and relationship issues.

A therapist for therapists, his unique approach employs the techniques of innovators such as Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Stephen Gilligan, and Igor Ledochowski, as well as the methods of street, stage, covert and overt, direct and indirect.

In particular, Jonny’s involvement with the Las Vegas street hypnosis arena and collaboration with the hypnosis troupe The Head Hackers brings a dynamic edge to his techniques and efficacy of both individual and group therapy sessions.

Thanks to this extensive and eclectic knowledge and background, there is no emotional or behavioral issue or challenge that Jonny Dupré cannot address.

  • BA in Human Development
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Hatha yoga instructor
  • Massage therapist
  • Watsu practitioner
  • Creator & founder of Yoganosis
Adam Goodson +

Adam Goodson


adam-goodsonThe founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis of San Diego has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients to change since 2010.

Being mentored personally by Me. Steve Piccus and Robert Szentes, he now has his own practice at www.ImpactfulChangesHypnosis.com

Avi Esther +

Avi Esther



AviAvi Esther lives mainly in London, UK where she works with leading activist, artist and consciousness communities as well as event creators, who are all working together to create global change.

She has worked in the performing, fine and digital / video arts since childhood, with a BA in Communication Arts focusing on multi-media production as well as organizational and interpersonal communications. She has trained for over 10 years in various holistic therapy practices, and in 2012  accepted an invitation to teach these practices and has regularly run workshops and classes internationally which focused on healing through inspired creativity and (re) birthing individuals and projects.


For two and a half years worked in a voluntary role as the director of media and core management for NewEarth Project, a large global movement. During her time as the director of media for NewEarth, Avi Esther, studied and actively participated in all things related to full-spectrum social transformation. This included sustainable community development, bio-architecture, renewable & free energy, permaculture, natural law, health / wellbeing arts & science, sustainable economics and other related disciplines.  Avi, developed relationships with experts in these fields and is connected to many alternative media and change making networks.


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